Social Responsibility

Manuchar is a global player in trading, logistics and distribution, but above all we’re a responsible and respected partner in the supply chain. We seek to mitigate any adverse impact on the environment or human rights by implementing high ethical standards throughout the entire Manuchar group.

Sustainable Logistics

Manuchar as a group is dedicated to providing a responsible and sustainable working environment that ensures we protect our human capital, develop sustainable supply chain solutions and maintain trustworthy relationships with all our stakeholders. In 2019 we continued to gain recognition of this approach via the achievement of multiple awards and certifications throughout the Manuchar group.


At Manuchar we engage ourselves to purchase and supply products that are manufactured and procured in an appropriate manner, in accordance to our Manuchar standards, regulations and market expectations. We avoid corrupt or illegal practices in the entire supply chain. Suppliers and manufacturers are therefore assessed to ensure they comply to the commercial, technical and responsibility requirements of Manuchar, our clients and stakeholders. Our Sustainable Procurement policy includes our operational objectives on sourcing risks and opportunities we are confronted with as a company. Our customers appreciate our approach. In 2019, Manuchar received on average a score of 92,80% on customer inspections and satisfaction surveys.


We embrace and care about our employees and the communities where we operate.  Manuchar supports activities that relate to the reward and empowerment of its employees, which may extend to their local neighborhoods. Our operational programs ensure our transportation and warehouse approach is performed with high efficiency and without compromising the environment and the Health & Safety of our colleagues and surrounding communities. Another item high on the Manuchar agenda is customer safety. We maximize the communications on the potential hazards of our materials by providing our customers with up to date Safety Data Sheets, aligned to the regulations and language of the country of use.


Manuchar is committed to protecting nature and the environment. We understand our responsibilities and we engage ourselves to identify and mitigate our environmental risks. Manuchar has several projects to limit its impact on the environment involving recycling, reusing and regulated waste disposal. Our goal is to define a benchmark for reduction actions and control measures where we continue to optimize our logistics pathways. We have upgraded our CDP® score in 2019 to the ‘Awareness’ level. CDP runs a global environmental disclosure system with thousands of members measuring and managing their environmental impacts. Our yearly comprehensive carbon disclosure proved we have implemented changes to our business strategy and have identified our environmental risks and opportunities.

Environmental Standards

Manuchar aims to strengthen its environmental performance. We continue to invest significant effort into mitigating our environmental impact. Through our environmental policy, conclusive actions and solid reporting on environmental matters, we have achieved a mature environmental management system.

Our Commitments

As a trading, distribution & logistics business, Manuchar plays an important role in sustainable supply chain management. Although we are not directly involved in manufacturing processes, we can’t neglect challenging sustainability issues. Our environmental policy integrates our commitment and operational goals on the main environmental risks we face. It outlines our key vision, from compliance to environmental regulations, to raising environmental awareness and encouraging environmental responsibility. Our Safety Data Sheets contain detailed data regarding the properties of a particular substance and its ecological effects in order to guarantee a safe and responsible disposal or spill control.

  • Green Lights -27 MT

    Manuchar HQ in Antwerp, Belgium will save 27 tons of CO2e on a yearly basis thanks to the switch to LED lighting

  • Ecovadis 25%

    Manuchar as a group is ranked in the top 25% of performers on sustainability practices, evaluated by EcoVadis®

Global footprint 2019

In 2019, our operational teams continued to map our Energy, Fuel and Water consumptions. Even though our sector without manufacturing processes is characterized by a limited environmental impact, we are committed to reduce our energy consumptions and environmental impact in alignment with international and local regulations. Projects to limit our impact on the environment involve procedures to reuse or recycle waste, waste disposal arrangements, etc. Manuchar reports on the total weight of both hazardous and non-hazardous waste. Each year, we disclose our climate change & water security strategies as well as our global greenhouse gas emissions through the CDP® questionnaires. In 2019, we achieved a reduction in CO2e of 4,1% in comparison to 2018. Considering our warehousing capacity has increased with over 20% compared to 2018, this is a strong result.



Scope 1+2 Emissions

  • Europe327.50
  • Africa746.70
  • Asia2543.06
  • Latin America4342.07
  • Central America
    + Caribs



  • Europe1298
  • Africa21461
  • Asia11275.74
  • Latin America50958.55
  • Central America
    + Caribs

An Organization
with Values

Driven by our values, the Manuchar organization demonstrates continuous improvement in the areas of Health & Safety, Human Rights and Business Ethics. We have made strong commitments to ensure a safe, respectful, equitable and ethical working environment for everyone, both our own colleagues as well as any involved third party.

Health & Safety

Risk Control

At Manuchar we believe in a proactive and entrepreneurial approach, so our Global Quality department works in close cooperation with the local affiliates to improve our operations. Best practices are shared worldwide with our teams to upgrade and align our businesses, as well as to achieve the highest standards of quality and delivery performance worldwide. A quantitative analysis of the risk status of each site is provided by self-assessments performed by the local teams. The Global Quality team conducts regular checks via warehouse visits to ensure these imposed 5S Lean standards are maintained and internal concerns are addressed.

Injury Reporting

All lost time work injuries are reported via our online Manuchar platform and escalated if necessary. We make sure the preventative actions are adequate and the incident is thoroughly dealt with. The Lost Time Injury Frequency and Incidence Rates (LTIIR) are measured to ensure a safe working environment and appropriate risk controls for our employees. In 2019, we reduced our LTIIR by 20% in comparison to 2018 thanks to this approach.

LTIIR Manuchar 20180,95 LTIIR Manuchar 20190,76

A Great Place to Work

A Great Place to Work


At Manuchar we care about our employees, their Health & Safety is paramount. We aim to ensure that every worker entering our sites returns safe and sound back home at the end of the day. A convincing 85% of the operational employees within the Manuchar group receive ongoing health checks in consideration to their exposure to the operational activities taking place at their facility.


Our employees’ safety comes first. In addition to the strict application of personal protective equipment and the implemented standard operating procedures, Manuchar also encourages a safe and standardized way of working by local on-the-spot trainings and toolbox talks. Training varies from first aid to fire extinguisher use, understanding of chemical risks and the ergonomics of lifting and handling a variety of packaging types. Manuchar continues to invest in the translation of our safety requirements into practical and bite-size information for all involved workers.


The Manuchar organization shows commitment and respect towards our employees, our stakeholders, the environment and local communities. Our Code of Conduct and Our Values statement establish standards that govern the way Manuchar employees conduct business on a daily basis. They define the guidelines on topics like bribery or data privacy. Our company maintains an ongoing commitment to complying with applicable laws and to sustaining an ethical culture.

Embracing Empowerment


Manuchar assigns high importance to promoting an inclusive working environment. We are implementing effective whistleblowing procedures and awareness training regarding ethical workplace conduct. More than 90% of our employees receive targeted trainings in business ethics, unfair competition and corruption. Furthermore, professional guidance and trainings are provided in order to achieve the goals related to employees’ career objectives and to encourage career mobility.

  • Hours of training + 40.000

    In 2019, Manuchar employees received in total more than 40.000 hours of training.

Respect for Human Rights

Manuchar operates in more than 35 countries across all 5 continents, and mainly in emerging countries where the awareness concerning human rights may bear some potential for improvement. Topics relating to fundamental human rights are therefore considered a crucial matter for Manuchar. We uphold and respect internationally proclaimed rights of our employees, business partners and the communities in which we operate.

2019 Highlights

Like previous years, the Manuchar group has dedicated its resources to social programs that enable local communities to learn and grow.
The money we received has been optimally used and we, as well as the children and staff of the school, want to thank Manuchar once again. A few taps with running water may not seem like much, but for the people in Gambia it makes a huge difference.

Warme Gloed (non-profit, Belgium)

You can read more about some of the projects we have assisted in here:

The Manuchar donations enabled a catechesis group in Bolivia to provide almost 1000 large bandages for the Bracamonte hospital in Potosi. This way, hundreds of underprivileged injured people were looked after for free after surgery.

Our Manuchar colleagues in El Salvador support on a monthly basis the Albergue Restauración Juda in Acajutla, taking care of almost 100 elderly and mentally disabled persons. They provide in their basic needs like food, water and soap.

Another project financed by Manuchar is the only school of the blind, located in Gambia. The blind or visually impaired children received white canes from Manuchar, further helping them in their journey towards an independent future.